Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

Sensory City’s Social Skills Groups focus on teaching children a variety of social skills to help the children improve in their ability to make friends, develop an increase of self-confidence, and behave appropriately in social situations.

During the Social Skills Groups the children will learn to take turns, work together, maintain eye contact, communicate effectively, problem solve, cooperate, maintain personal space, and establish friendships. The children will learn and practice this through group interaction and activities. The children will be encouraged to practice these skills outside of the group as well. Following each group session, parents will be provided with feedback.

Weekly Summer Social Skills Groups are HERE for children Ages 4 to 6 years:

This Summer’s Social Skills Group will focus on teaching children a variety of social skills to help improve their ability to make and keep friends, develop increased self-confidence, and behave more appropriately in social situations. While working collaboratively, children will learn the following: turn-taking, working together, communicating effectively with others, eye contact, problem solving, establishing friendships, compromising, cooperation, self-regulation, maintaining appropriate “personal space” or “social distance” during interaction, understanding, “reading,” and appropriate reaction to non-verbal social cues, emotion management, attending to an activity and building self-esteem. Each session will focus on a different aspect of social skills and behaviors. Sessions will challenge children to improve through a variety of motor, sensory, group, and individual activities.

• Groups will run once a week over the course of 8 weeks.
• Groups will target social skills for children ages 4-6.
• Cost: $400 for 8 weekly sessions

Please email to reserve your child’s place in our group.

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