Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

A speech therapist assesses, diagnoses, treats speech language, social communication, cognitive- communication and feeding disorders.

Therapy can help your child with their receptive and expressive language difficulties such as stuttering, pronouncing sounds, following directions and making friends. Our speech therapists will evaluate your child and work together with your family to come up with the appropriate plan of action to treat his/ her needs. Therapy sessions are fun, interactional and very effective. Speech intervention is play based which will have your child happily following along while they are working on their language goals

Speech and language therapy services are provided at Sensory City by Speech Matters PLLC, an established, well-regarded speech therapy private practice on the UES treating children and adults to develop communication skills in the following areas:

• Articulation
• Attention span
• Feeding issues
• Language comprehension
• Oral motor skills
• Phonemic awareness (rhymes, sounds)
• Play skills
• Pragmatics: Expressive communication using appropriate social language

• Socialization
• Socialization Groups
• Voice and fluency

Speech Matters is one of the few practices that participates with insurance companies for payment. Insurance companies included Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, CIGNA, Oxford and United as well as private pay.

Please direct all interest and inquiries to the following contact:
Linda Bejoian, M.S., S.L.P., P.C.
Certified Speech Pathologist
(212) 861-7800

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